Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Portal

Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Portal

The participants of TELDAP include institutional projects and open request-for-proposals projects run by academic research organizations and archival organizations. The following is a list of institutional project participants: Academia Sinica, National Palace Museum, National Museum of Natural Science, National Taiwan University, National Museum of History, Academia Historica, Taiwan Historica, National Central Library, Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council, Chinese Taipei Film Archive, Council of Indigenous Peoples of the Executive Yuan, and National Archives Administration.

These organizations and open request-for-proposals project participants work together to digitize artifacts in their collections for public use in education, research and industry. The portal is a showcase of these projects, presenting digital archives in three themes:

Treasures – Exploring the Best Collections

The full range of Taiwan’s varied collect ions will be presented in themed exhibits ranging from historical artifacts to natural science . Artifacts may include aboriginal clothing, masterpieces of Chinese and Western painting, secret records of past dynasties, and specimens of fauna and flora that are unique to Taiwan.

Tours – Browsing Millions of National Treasures

Millions of artifacts can be found in the TELDAP Union Catalog. Through the catalog’s single portal, digital collections from nearly one hundred organizations covering many disciplines can be freely browsed and searched.

Experience – Experiencing New Archival Technologies Firsthand

Experience the archived content from a different angle using the latest internet technology, such as personalized audio-visual content, querying ancient characters that cannot be called up from your PC, and enjoying the considerable charm of digital archives by using a geographic information system (GIS) and a time corridor!