Digital Taiwan - Culture & Nature

Digital Taiwan - Culture and Nature

In order to showcase the cultural heritage and natural resources of Taiwan to the world as well as complement the existing Chinese portal ( which demonstrates TELDAP's accomplishments, we have created a new "Digital Taiwan - Culture & Nature" English portal. It provides the global community with an in-depth and convenient way of appreciating Taiwan's culture and digitization achievements. As the contents of archives increase, so the functions of the portal will expand to meet the public's expectations. In addition, the portal will make Taiwan's academic and digital archives activities more visible to the world community. The planned content of Digital Taiwan – Culture & Nature is as follows:

  1. Collection Level Description.
    This describes the whole collection's archives or databases, giving visitors contextual information so they will gain a more complete understanding when they browse this collection.
    Examples are Arts and Illustrations and Biosphere and Nature.
  2. Facets of Taiwan
    Selected from TELDAP's best exhibitions, these provide a series of stories and detailed background information regarding the chosen special features, giving guests an insight into precious collections.
    Examples are The Calligraphic World of Mi Fu's Art and The Physics World of Old Glass Artists.
  3. A Slice of Wonder
    This presents priceless items in digitized form from TELDAP's collection in order to demonstrate the deeper significance of each item.
    Examples are Letter to the Administrator of K'ai-feng and Oncorhychus masou formosanus.
  4. Exhibition
    This collects TELDAP's thematic exhibitions produced by participants in TELDAP projects in a section which offers a second chance to those who miss exhibitions, such as National Palace Museum's "The Treasures of Eight Thousand Years" and Academia Sinica's "Riding the Currents of History – Four Thousands Years Civilization and Technology."
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Multimedia
  7. Digital Taiwan - Culture & Nature also integrates contents funded by Taiwan's Council for Cultural Affairs of the Executive Yuan and Culture Mondo Network; it shares biological information from the Union Catalog of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), seeks to create a Chinese version of the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL), and provides English information on Taiwanese endemic species.