Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs

Promotion of E-learning and Digital Archives Industries Program

From 2003 to 2007 the National Science Council has executed a five-year national e-Learning program and facilitated the development of e-Learning industry to grow from NT$ 700 million in 2002 to NT$ 12 billion in 2007. There were more than 20 industries introducing e-Learning from high-tech to traditional. As the result, the e-learning introduction rate for large enterprises grew from 14% up to 52%.

Due to the tremendous changes brought by the development of global networks and e-Learning technologies, such as Web2.0, open concept, collaborative intelligence, 3 G Broadband / WiMAX, digital television and Internet broadcasting, soft electronics, learning games, mobile learning, these emerging technologies will lead to innovative applications in multiple areas. Therefore another term of five-year digital archive and e-Learning national program starting from 2008 is initiated, the objectives of which is to enhance the core competencies of vendors, to innovate learning services and business models, to effectively utilize the incentive grants, to stimulate the market demands, and to elevate the e-learning effectiveness of the application for corporation at the same time.

After execution of the program this year, the market size of the industry is expected to be promoted from NT$ 134 billion last year, up to NT$15 billion. The global revenue will grow from NT$ 850 million to NT$ 1 billion, and the investment of the vendors will reach 1 billion as well. In addition, in order to further elevate the effectiveness in applying e-Learning in enterprises, at least one knowledge network will be established in selected industries every year, such as tourism, healthcare, agriculture, etc. so as to impact hundreds of its upstream and downstream companies.