the Council for Hakka Affairs (CHA)

Digital Hakka Village

The second phase, mid- and long-term programs of the Council for Hakka Affairs (CHA) are divided into three major areas: (1) Social Development, (2) Science and Technology Development, and (3) Public Construction. Under Science and Technology Development, the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program expansion--the Digital Taiwan Hakka Village, is divided into the following digital archive sub-programs: (1) Artifacts, (2) Village Culture, (3) documents, (4) Video and (5) Union Catalogue of Hakka Culture.

This project, with the CHA at the center, pulls together the efforts of those from industry, officialdom, academia and civic organizations. It integrates materials from all walks of society, from the past, the present and the near future, that focus on Hakka cultural relics, Hakka village cultural property, books and documents, and audio visual materials. All these materials are then digitalized to provide permanent preservation for archives of an extraordinary, important Hakka cultural heritage that is very much critical or endangered, thus helping to realize Taiwan's overall representation of "diversity."

The hope is that other parallel developments will follow in step, such as: in e-learning, cultural industries, and tourism, there will be efforts to "give a sense of digital space," "foster mass participation" as well as pursue "sustainable development" and thereby give prominence to Taiwan Hakka culture, broaden its influence and, in the digital age, create a " digital spiritual home" that will serve as an anchor for Taiwan and the overseas Hakka community to rally around.