Organization & Responsibilities

TELDAP has a Program Director and two Deputy Program Directors. Academician Dr. Ts'ui-jung Liu, Vice President of Academia Sinica, serves as the Program Director. Academician Dr. Der-Tsai Lee, Distinguished Research Fellow of the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation and Institute of Information Science at Academia Sinica and Dr. Shing-Tsaan Huang, Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Central University serve as Deputy Program Directors.

TELDAP Program Office has one Director who is in charge of the general operation of TELDAP under the supervision of the Deputy Program Directors, who are in turn responsible to the Program Director. TELDAP Program Office has one Deputy Director who is responsible for assisting the TELDAP Program Office Director in dealing with e-learning related work. Also, the Program Office has several Principal Investigators (PIs) and co-PIs as well as Project Managers and Assistants who are in charge of Division Projects. The Program Office is responsible for general administrative activities, including clerical work, overall budgeting, coordination between projects, media and public relations, project reviews and evaluation, progress reports and other paperwork, for organizing international exchange events and serving as promoting links between industry and academia. The Program Office has a Steering Committee, Advisory Board, Evaluation Board, and Board of Directors that oversee the operations of the various projects.

With respect to archive contents, technology research and development, core platform, platform for promotion, applications and licensing; industrial development and promotion; education; language learning and international collaboration, eight core sub-projects have been established as part of TELDAP. These are:

  1. Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project.
  2. Research and Development of Digital Archives and e-Learning Technologies Project.
  3. Core Platforms for Digital Contents Project.
  4. Academic and Social Promotions and Applications of Digital Archives and e-Learning Project.
  5. Industrial Development and Promotion of Digital Archives and e-Learning Project.
  6. Digital Education and e-Learning Project.
  7. e-Learning for Chinese Language Project.
  8. International Collaboration and Promotion of Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program.

The Organization Framework of Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program

The Organizational Framework of Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program