National Archives Administration

Virtual Archives

Holding the development progress of a society and the collective memory of people, archives are important materials for history research and academic study. Operating as government agencies and monopolizing the market through administration regulations, government-owned enterprises (GOEs) played important roles in economic development of Taiwan during postwar period. The development of GOEs reflect the influence of government’s policies on economy and society, the operating performance of the GOEs, and the relationship between the production techniques and industry. This program focuses on the archives about Taiwan’s industrial economy – GOEs, and tries to build up value-added content through arrangement, description and digitalization to enlarge the functions of archives for public access.

It is a six-year program (2007 to 2012). Considering the goals of the program, the agenda of archives transferring, and the contents and quantities of archives, its general research frame of the digitalization on the archives about Taiwan’s industrial economy is outlined. It plans to proceed archives selection, arrangement and description, digitalization and value-added tasks of archives from various enterprises year-by-year, build up the contents of them from bottom-up, then integrate digital contents by categories. The action plan is to team up with experts from different fields to select the archives that are highly related to the living of people and research them, make use of information technology to combine creation with knowledge, and present those archives as stories on the theme pages and research papers. In 2010, it schedules to do the digitalized application on Taiwan Salt Corporation and Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. and the archives description and digitalization of RSEA Engineering Corporation , China Shipbuilding Corporation and Taiwan Agricultural & Industrial Development Co., Ltd.