Ministry of Education

Digital Education and e-Learning Project

The primary objective of this project is to expand and deepen the applications of digital education and e-learning on formal education and lifelong learning and enable a more proper and effective cultivation and utilization for gifted persons and manpower so as to attain the enhancement of overall manpower quality and expertise in Taiwan. The 2 objectives under the primary objective were divided as below: 1. To comprehensively cultivate the persons with expertise in execution and application of e-learning and deepen the applications of digital archives and e-learning achievements. 2. To develop and promote formal education on e-courses and materials to enhance the performance of formal education.

The project is a comprehensive digital education and application chain for e-learning at from elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, vocational high school, to college and university education; including the integrating digital archives into teaching, e-learning in senior High schools and vocational schools, e-learning curricula in higher educations, professional training programs in ICT technologies. Besides, there is another plan helping promote the strategy, coordinate the execute efficiency of sub-plans and collect outcomes of sub-plans.

Training Programs for ICT Technologies: The plan comprehensively cultivates persons with expertise in execution and application of digital archives and e-learning and allows combining the existing resources of e-learning & digital archives and applications on education.

Develop e-Learning materials for Senior High Schools and Vocational Schools: Develop course materials that meet the teaching demand at senior/vocational high school through respective professional services to facilitate teaching resource sharing and combination of information into teaching. The ultimate goal is to enable a combination of information technology into the teaching of various subjects, to further enhance the citizens’ ability to utilize information and their learning capacity.

Develop e-Learning general knowledge Curricula for Higher Education: The plan centers on the development of general education courses. Anticipate combining course material collection and compilation through e-multimedia, information sharing and other technologies to provide superior demonstration of e-learning course and to further introduce the model and achievement to the implementation and advocacy of application in domestic colleges and universities.

Integrate Digital Archives into Teaching: Consolidate digital archives resources for education application and transform them as learning materials, learning objects and teaching materials to make e-teaching resources that meet the need and habit of teachers for real-time teaching.

Chinese language instructors of e- teaching ability training program

Chinese learning has become a popular global trend, and in response the Taiwan government has provided Chinese teaching services for foreigners through a variety of learning channels. The limited number of Chinese language instructors in Taiwan, however, cannot meet the huge demand. Training and cultivating Chinese language instructors, therefore, should be a government priority. The professional knowledge of Chinese language instructors is based on the principles and methods of language teaching. Plus, with the rapid development of information communications technology, better Chinese teaching services can be provided through integration with digital information technology.

In addition to professional language teaching skills, Chinese language instructors should also strengthen their technical skills, and utilize the online teaching platform as well as the available digital resources of Chinese language teaching in order to apply digital knowledge and profession to teaching so as to improve learning results.

Combining the core principles of “Chinese language teaching” and “information communication technology”, this program is aimed at planning and developing training indicators as well as digital learning materials, and organizing training workshops for Chinese language instructors. The purpose of this program is to familiarize domestic Chinese language instructors with the principles, methods and the most updated trends of online teaching, to equip Chinese language instructors with online teaching skills, and to utilize online materials, thus enhancing the competitiveness of domestic Chinese language instructors in the global market.