Academia Historica

Digital Archives of Government Documents and Presidential Collections in Academia Historica

The ways to make good use of the important cultural properties in Academia Historica, abundant presidential collections and valuable historical documents, are eagerly concerned in all circles of the society. In 2002, Academia Historica participated "National Digital Archives Program", which was pushed by National Science Council. With the implement of "Digital Archives of Government Documents and Presidential Collections in Academia Historica (國史館典藏國家檔案與總統文物數位化中程計畫)" in the first phase, there were five archives completely digitalized, including "National Government Archives", "Archives and Photographs of President Chiang Kai-shek", "Archives and Photographs of President Chiang Ching-kuo", "Archives of the National Resources Commission", and "Archives of the Land Administration Department of Taiwan Provincial Government". Academia Historica also developed four sets of value-added products based on the five mentioned digitalized archives, and got good comment after they were played on TV and sold to people. Moreover, two out of the four, "Presidential Anecdotes & Artifacts I: President Chiang Kai-shek" and "Presidential Anecdotes & Artifacts III: Vice President Chen Cheng", won prizes out of the fine government publications in 2008.

In 2007, the second phase, Academia Historica joined the "Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project". The main goal of this project was to "establish and show the various digital contents of cultures society and natural environment in Taiwan." Academia Historica carried out "The Digital Project of Presidential Collections (總統文物多元精緻文化探索與深耕計畫)", which included instruments, works of calligraphy and painting, cultural artifacts, and audio-visual data", from 2007 to 2008. Academia Historica still found there were a lot of valuable historical documents, which were valuable records of policies making and implement; however, they were not digitalized and mostly were in the form of paper. Basically, the hand-writing on the paper becomes vague easily, so that is why it is essential to digitalize the data. Therefore, "The Digital Sub-Project of Valuable Historical Documents (國家典藏珍貴史料之數位建置子計畫)" will be made in 2009. Furthermore, the main program will be changed as "The Digital Project of Presidential Collections and Valuable Historical Documents (總統文物與珍貴史料數位建置計畫)", and its goals are as follows:

  1. to persistently continue the digitalization of presidential collections and the valuable archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. to make digital archives contextualized and for the ease of searching.
  3. to develop the description of metadata and searching system so as to coordinate the planning of the exhibition of Presidential Collections.
  4. to integrate the digital historical documents and relevant research results on the "National History Database (國家歷史資料庫)", and improve the quality of history research.
  5. to tightly follow the programs of "Digital Archives Rights Clearance Project" and "Union Catalogs of Archives, Taiwan" in order to reach the goal of sharing information and making values added.