Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission

Overseas Chinese Huayu E-learning Project

With the emerging Chinese socio-political and cultural influences and market expansion, people from every corner of the world have been prompted to Chinese language learning, while their governments have also listed Chinese as a significant subject under their foreign-language teaching policies. Encountering the worldwide demand and business opportunities of Chinese learning, both Taiwan and Mainland China have been actively contending for overseas authority and international position in this scope. Holding its diplomatic superiority, the Mainland China government also provides numerous funds in constructing its widespread sites, the Confucius Institute, to distribute its marketing routes. We, the Taiwan government, indeed own our advantages such as high-quality Chinese teaching projects, developed digital learning (e-learning) industries, and diversifications of democracy. We however, in contesting for Chinese language market abroad, need to integrate government’s, industrial circles’ and academic fields’ resources to build up Taiwan’s global educational-technical brand and marketing accessibility. Our national influences in this field can be thus boosted to maintain Taiwan’s superiority and features.

The OCAC has a long history in managing overseas Chinese affairs, with the result of continuous intimacy with over 1,000 overseas Chinese schools and culture and educational organizations. Our 2009 Overseas Chinese Huayu E-learning Project exactly aims to strengthen the efficiency of sharing these overseas Chinese schools’ abundant resources and, with the help of Huayu e-learning teaching modes, to turn "E-learning Huayu of Taiwan" (www.huayuworld.org) to be the most significant Chinese learning portal website. Also, we have been gradually transferring these associated organizations into "Digital Huayu e-Learning Centers", while some smaller ones are incorporated to be emulative teaching sites. Through the "virtual" and also "physical" marketing tactic, these schools will become the best marketing platforms of exporting our Chinese education, and our international status in Chinese learning will thus be obtained.