Chinese Taipei Film Archive (Government Information Office, Executive Yuan)

The Database of Taiwan Cinema

"Digital Archives Program" aims to develop the sustainable collection and application through digitization, to build the standard operation procedure (SOP) and technical models of digital preservation, to build the film collection database website and to organize training and academic events to promote the use of film collection database.

The tasks will be carried out in 2009 in digitization of Taiwan film and related objects are:

  1. 500 hours of films, 20,000 items of documents and still images
  2. planning of subjects on research based on database
  3. providing new moving images, metadata, still images on the website
  4. maintenance and promotion of the website
  5. screenings digital restoration and exhibition of film related objects
  6. organizing workshops and international symposium on the e-learning and application of digital images. The target audience is the teachers of related fields in colleges, high schools and elementary schools. The teachers and students then could involve in the digitization of Taiwan films, in order to advocate academic research and contents, so the public could share the result of digitization of film