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Academia Sinica Digital Archives Projects

Academia Sinica joined the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program in 2002 and has since embarked on large-scale digitization and Internetization of rich and unique archives held in its many institutes. The collections include Taiwan’s fish fauna, malacofauna, indigenous plants, aboriginal artifacts, Taiwan Ethnography Video and Audio Archive, old books, old maps, old contracts; modern China’s historical maps and remote sensing images, diplomatic and economic records; China's historical relics (Central China and Taiwan archaeological remains, tomb treasures from the ruins of Yin, stone and bronze rubbings, bamboo slip records, rare and ancient books, Southwest ethnology, Ming-Qing documents); Chinese and Formosan (Taiwan Austronesian) language archives; and information technologies on digital archiving.

In order to assist the public in visiting and exploiting its digitization accomplishments, Academia Sinica in recent years has established a Digital Archive Promotion Service Office. The Office dedicates itself to digital archive portal platform - archive resource websites and Digital Archives Exhibition Center, as well as providing services in technical support, licensing, and promotion.

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